Vodacom 4U,Mountain Mill Drive, Worcester, 6850, South Africa
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In a world that’s constantly accelerating, cutting-edge technology is no longer exceptional – it is expected.
With South Africa having one of the largest markets in the world, Vodacom 4U has responded to these technological trends and provides a youth-oriented service and experience. With everything from Blue Tooth to the latest phones and accessories, the 4U’s technical staff is intensively trained to respond with the appropriate advice and assistance.
It’s not just tech-experience, it’s a lifestyle.


MTN,Mountain Mill Drive, Worcester, 6850, South Africa
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You don’t have to look far to get more… With MTN, you can stay on top of it all. SMS, email, surf and talk away with our connectivity solutions, all designed to be customised to your specific needs. Whether you need more data, longer talk time or faster downloads, MTN will be there to get you connected.

Products Include:
MTN Direct Shop , Contract & TopUp Packages , Best Package Advisor, Pay As You Go, Old Pay As You Go , Airtime, SMS & Data, Old Packages, Muziq Bundles, MTN Services

Cell-C,Mountain Mill Drive, Worcester, 6850, South Africa
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We launched with a bang and we’re growing faster than ever. It seems that our focus on individuality, choice, flexibility and value for money is what consumers have been waiting for. We’re not interested in offering the standard products and services. Let’s face it, if you wanted run-of-the-mill you wouldn’t be here. Thus, in our drive to offer you unique benefits we have left records shattered…
C how we did it!

Products Include:

Cellphones, Contracts, Prepaid Vouchers, Mobile Phones, Simcards, Mobile USB Modems, Mobile Internet, SMS Bundles, Mobile Data bundles, MMS.

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